Winter sports in the Sauerland

Winter Sports and Sauerland, for many people these two concepts are closely linked.
The German ski area nearest the Dutch border is after all the Sauerland. For a lot of tourist it is even possible to spend a just a weekend or a short holiday to enjoy the snow and all of the Wintersports facilities.
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Op de slee in de sneeuw

The bungalows in the holiday park Frankenau are located in the eastern part of the Sauerland region, within driving distance of the well known ski resorts of Willingen and Winterberg.

The Sauerland has an average of 75 days of snow per year.
The first snow can fall in mid-November and also the end of March there will be sometimes snow.

In the Sauerland there is quite a wide range of winter sports activities and facilities, whereby the regions Winterberg and Willingen are offering the most possibilities.

Right next to the Feriendorf-Frankenay is there for young and old the possibility ofsledding down the hills, can you take a walk through the snowy woods, or enjoy langlauf tours.

Also dogs love in to run through the snow on the hills.

Winterberg in maart

Just outside the town of Lohlbach, 7 km away from the Feriendorf-Frankenau is also a ski lift.
Not spectacular, but especially for families with children fun and closeby the holiday resort.

De Ettelsberg Seilbahn in Willingen

A little further away and more dependent on the temperatures lies the Edersee, which when it is frozen also offers the possibility of ice-skating on natural ice.
For the "heavy" winter sports, the best will be to visit Willingen, Winterberg or Züschen. Around these places and their surroundings are several ski lifts and will around the end of November the first snow cannons put in place.
Once the temperatures drop you can already ski there, whether it has already snowed or not.

The region between Winterberg, Willingen and Züschen located approximately 45 km west of the Feriendorf-Frankenau
and can be seen as for the Dutch and Belgians most famous and visited ski resort in the Sauerland.

The total length is 75 km of groomed slopes, with next to another 220km of cross-country trails.

Although the maximum height is just under 900 meters, Willingen is a attracts many skiers, langlaufers and snowboarders due to the great variety of descents.
ell known in Willingen is the annual World Cup ski jumping; an event that attracts thousands of interested people.

Honden spelen in de sneeuw

For those who prefer skating is close also in the Sauerland, near to the resort is also plenty to do. Recommendable is the temporary ice rink in Bad Wildungen. Next to the indoor swimming pool "Heloponte", in the winter theyr built an ice rink. You might even be able to go skating at first and then afterwards go into the nice warm swimmingpool.