Bungalows for rent in the Sauerland, on the holiday park Frankenau, in Germany.

Bungalows on the holiday park Frankenau

Renting a bungalow? To Germany on holiday in a detached bungalow or cottage in the Sauerland?
The Feriendorf-Frankenau might be exactly what you are looking for.

Lots of nature, quietness, historiscal town centres, the Edersee, and .... dogs are also welcome.

In this time of year there are a lot of wintersport facilities.

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The Feriendorf-Frankenau is a suburb with holiday rentals, an Ortsteil, of the cozy and pleasant village of Frankenau, situated on the edge of a large protected nature reserve, the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee.

Frankenau is situated almost in the centre of the landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg, in the north-western part of the land Hessen.

This area is located in between the by many tourists popular Sauerland, featuring the well knowns towns of Winterberg and Willingen, and the Hessian-Bergland.

Due to the short travel distance, the Sauerland is rather popular with the Belgians and the Dutch, even for short trips like a long weekend.

Holiday cottages in the Sauerland
Feriendorf-Frankenau and the Nationalpark
Because the landscape of this region almost matches that of the two above mentioned regions, Frankenau is in tourist publications counted alternately to both the Sauerland and the Hessisches Bergland.

The beauty and the lavish nature of the two regions are in the wooded area around the holiday park Frankenau also present.

By tourists well known towns and places in the Sauerland are Winterberg, Willingen, Züschen, Korbach and the Edersee.

  vakantiehuisje op het vakantiepark Frankenau
All holiday homes in the Feriendorf Frankenau are the property of mainly Dutch and German individuals.

Some owners put their house or apartment on hire in the weeks that they are not staying there themselves.

And this happens quite often, throughout the year, during all seasons.

After all, every season in the Sauerland has its own charms and holiday opportunities.

The number of people that can stay in a property varies by type: of 4 to 8 people.

Appartementen op het vakantiepark
In this holidaypark there are the detached houses, called the "witch-house", the apartments and the two-under-one-roof houses.

Due to the fact that there are only private landlords on this website, there is sometimes a slight difference in the pricing per house or apartment.

But, with average rents in the low season in the amount of € 55, - and in high season
Huis te huur   € 75, - per night per cottage or apartment (so not per person), spending
Bungalow te huur   your holiday in our holiday resort is really not expensive.
Especially when you consider that this rental prices are including the use of water and electricity, and, that the houses on our website also do not charge booking fees or taxes.

honden zijn gratis
Landlords of the bungalows and cottages in the holidy park Frankenau donot charge anything extra for your dog that comes along on vacation.
In average, also the charges end-cleaning are far below of what is common in many holiday resorts.

De Edersee met Schloß Waldeck
Many of the sightseeing possibilities, attractions, restaurents and all other which might be of interest to tourist are on our extensive interactive map.
De geschakelde bungalows
Not only the beautiful nature in the area is inviting you to bring your dog along on vacation. Also the owners of the cottages are inviting to let your dog joint your vacation . In fact, your dog is welcome to the landlords on the holiday park Frankenau.
An overview of the properties and their classification can be viewed on the page housing types.

The information on the individual cottages, bungalows and apartments, which are offered for rent can be viewed on to-rent page. This is only for private rentals.

Because it's also nice to be able to see where the individual cottages are exactly located in the Feriendorf, we have created an interactive map.

To make it even clearer, we have the cottages also again separately drawn into an aerial photograph.

Playing golf in the Sauerland
Besides all this information about the holiday resort Frankenau itself, it is also important what kind of activities there are in the area. That is why in severapare webpages you can find information about activities such as hiking, golf, diving, winter sports, etc.

In the vicinity there is are multiple attractions.
It is virtually impossible to mention them all up on this site, but we have placed a number of them on an own webpage, as for instance the Wildpark-Edersee, the attractions in and around the Edersee, etc.

It is sometimes argued that nothing better illustrated than a photograph..

For this reason we have created several photo pages, including one for each season one. You can to view, amongst others, photos made in the Sauerland in
spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Roofvogels bij Wildpark Edersee
Your questions and / or comments are very welcome. You can send us an email at: info@feriendorf-frankenau.nl